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Vocally Controlled Appliances the way of the Future

voice controlled house

Remember when talking to Siri seemed like an amazing feat? Well now you can control most of your house with devices designed to make your smart home even more user friendly. Whether its lights, fans, ovens, thermostats, speakers or more, you’ll soon be able to operate most home appliances simply with your voice.

One of the leading products in this field is the CastleOS. This program is run through either an Xbox connect console or through the CastleHUB device and if used correctly can reinvent how you go about your daily life. Via voice commands, you can control almost any appliance in your house. You can dim a specific light in your house by 37% or set a 10 minute timer on your oven at a certain temperature. Whatever you can program the CastleOS to connect to, you can control. CastleOS also works as a form of Siri too, allowing you to ask it basic questions that it will essentially google for you, for example the weather outside. Drop the word “computer” before you give a command and you won’t have to leave the couch all day. CastleOS also allows you to keep control of your energy outputs. Not only will this help you keep bills under control, but it’ll also show you which appliances are drawing the most energy.

It isn’t a perfect system however and could prove challenging for those who aren’t too computer savvy. Setting the CastleOS up and connecting all of your appliances has seemingly been a challenge for some buyers and others have remarked that it isn’t user friendly enough, especially when it comes to connecting it to the internet or Wi-Fi.

Another product on the market is the Amazon Echo. This is a similar device that is seemingly a bit more user friendly, at the cost of a few of CastleOS’ more advanced features. The Echo responds to the “wake word” Alexa and can play music, open doors, set alarms, make to-do lists and provide real-time information. The Echo has been labelled as one of the most efficient ways to control your lights and comes with a lot of extra features that extend more into device control around the home. It can even check if doors are locked in your home from remote areas – which is very handy.

While these products are expensive, the CastleOS will set you back roughly $500, it’s clear that this is the direction the home appliance market is going in. These products will get cheaper and it’s worth keeping an eye on them because being able to integrate your home with voice controlled appliances is about as futuristic as it gets. It’s important to do a lot of research with these products before you buy them because there are quite a few out there that are either subpar or complex for the average person.

Designing A Backyard For Live Events

friends at a backyard bar-b-que in hawaii

Whether you plan to organise a wedding, a small outdoor concert, or just a plain old party, your own backyard can serve the purpose admirably, provided that you design the space to use its maximum potential. Designing a backyard for live events may seem a daunting task, but here are some tips on how to do it without having a breakdown. There are backyards, and then there are BACKYARDS (the key difference being the size), and as the old adage goes – the bigger, the better.

There are four facets to this – type, space, time and crowd. Let’s tackle each in turn, looking at its respective problems, choices, and solutions.

Types of Backyard Live Events

First, the type of event you wish to organise. Roughly speaking, there are formal, semi-formal and casual events, or, to give some examples – a wedding, a small outdoor concert, and a party. Some may argue that weddings are less formal than concerts, but they bear greater social weight, at least for the people getting married. This is important as it will decide the theme of the event or at least the range of themes acceptable, and it’s the theme that’ll give the tone to the whole thing.

Organising the Space for a Backyard Live Event

Speaking of spaces, most backyards aren’t quite conducive to weddings and concerts, no matter how small they may be. If your backyard is the Bush, you don’t have a problem, but most backyards barely spread over 50m2. This means 250 people at most, provided they’re all standing, and there’s nothing else taking up space.

Quite a memorable wedding, isn’t it? So, for the sake of practicality, let’s talk about a BBQ with about 30ish guests or a really big party with about 50 people. So, the theme is decided – what about designing the space? For one, do an inventory check – do you have enough chairs, or do you need to rent? Are people going to sit, at any rate, or will the grass and some blankets suffice? Will there be live music, or will you torture those fine folks with your favourite playlist blaring from your laptop?

In any case, the first thing you’ll have to do is clear everything non-essential. Once that’s done, you can plan where to put things. Set aside a place for the music stage/desk, and make a clearing in front of it, should people want to dance.

Alternatively, blast the music from within the house, and save some space without. Be sure you have enough outdoor cable wire and boxes, and tuck it all against the walls or someplace they won’t be trampled. Also, keep a weather eye open, and have a plan if it does rain. You could rent a tent, but that would defeat the purpose of being in the backyard, wouldn’t it?

Time for Organising a Backyard Live Event

The time can refer to both the season and the time of day. Supposing you’re doing this during summer, there are certain challenges you’ll have to tackle. One is the heat, the other bugs. The third problem, which in a way ties into the second, is if you do it in the evening, or at night. If so, you’ll have to think about lighting, both as a way to illuminate the area, as well as a sort of bug protection.

A good idea is to have “cooling stations” with cold drinks or popsicles, as well as “bug spray stations” around the place. Moreover, having special lights (bug zappers) will not only take care of the pesky pests, but it will also provide some decorative lighting. Still, just in case, consider using cupcake liners as lids to keep the buggers out of your drinks.

How to Animate Kids at a Backyard Live Event

As far as people are concerned, there are basically two main issues – how to get them to come, and how to make them stay. No matter the occasion, be sure everyone knows about your event. Think advertising, invitations, word of mouth… whatever comes to mind. Now, some events are kids-friendly, like BBQs and family gatherings. If so, you’ll have to keep the children occupied while the adults have some fun of their own. A good idea is to have a bubble station (basically, all you need is bubble solution, a small plastic pool, and a hula hoop, and the kids will take care of the rest). Keep them cooled with coloured ice – take some water and any food-dye, and let the freezer do the rest. Kids will be delighted and hydrated.

If you do have a considerable backyard, keep all of this in mind, just scale it up. Additionally, do consider renting a tent and flooring it, especially if it’s for a wedding. On the other hand, if you’re planning a concert, think about renting a couple of portable toilets, just in case.

Whichever way you go about this, there are two key words you have to keep in mind if you want it to be successful – plan it!

How Your Landlord Can Destroy Your Business

Businessman Corporate Cityscape Urban Scene Building Concept

When you want to start up your business, whether small or large, the first step is to consider the next situation: do you want to buy the property or to rent one. Well, let’s be realistic – any small business people can’t afford to buy certain property these days, so they have to rent from the landlord.

Before renting you have to be sure that your landlord is a person of confidence. Either way, you have to make a legal contract that will protect your rights if something goes wrong.Landlord-tenant law is a legal act that belongs and refers to common law. That’s way both sides must protect their property in order to have a safe relationship and good understanding.

Protect your business from the start

The first step is to visit the place before renting it. You need to make sure that this space fulfills your needs for your business. If that is the case you have to know your legal rights as well as your landlord’s. It can happen sometimes that landlord makes significant changes in your workspace after signing a contract and without your permission.

  • In this case, you have to know that the landlord doesn’t have the right to willfully destroy or remove personal properties without permission fromenant or local authorities. Especially if this object is protected as a cultural heritage.

In other cases when space requires some changes, the landlord has the obligation to maintain the property when it comes to repairs. In some cases, your landlord can damage to your private property and ruin your business.

  • Depending on different states and their law and towards this, you can ask for compensation. You need to have a legal prove of this action; even this was intentional or done by some accident. This is guaranteed by contract and Implied Warranty of Habitability.

The landlord must be informed that he must not violate tenant’s privacy. If this action is present, it can ruin your everyday obligations such as meeting with a very important client or having a very important call that requires peaceful environment.

  • The landlord doesn’t have to rights to enter your renting space before some sort of notification. The tenant has to be informed, by written or verbal notice, at least 24 hours before. This can be classified as violating your privacy.

Removing and usurpation ofenant’s personal belongings, such as furniture, documents, etc. is an illegal action performed by the landlord. These situations are often caused by the sum of circumstances between both sides. Sometimes the landlord withholds tenant’s personal belongings in return for the money. In this situation you need to know that:

  • The landlord doesn’t have the right to physically remove any personal belongings except his own. This is the situation that happens quite often and brings many complications because it is represented in society as a legal act; but, don’t be deceived, this is also a part of common law.

Discrimination, or violation of human rights

Remarks in the previous section were based on the protection of property. In some cases, a tenant can face psychical difficulties and discrimination. When facing these situations on your work it can cause certain lack of self-confidence. It can affect your personal life and ruin your business. If you find yourself in these situations, you need to know that:

  • The landlord doesn’t have the right to discriminate a tenant who is renting his property. This includes discrimination based on the grounds of race, age, and sex. These are the basics which can be expanded on questions about social status, national origin, disabilities and so on.
  • The landlord doesn’t have the right to threaten the tenant on any right. Many people face this problem in everyday life. Especially when the roles are expanded and money is in the game, like in this landlord-tenant relation.


When starting your own business you want to enter this process withlear mind and fresh start. In order to do sorst you need to consider these few tips about andlord-tenant relation. The better you know your rights, the more you will be able to protect yourself and your business. Sustainability is the most important thing when talking about good business and the guiding idea for most businessmen – tradition is a value that your clients will respect.

5 Easy Bathroom DIYs That Help Sell Your House

When it comes to increasing the value of your home, sometimes it takes money to make money. Though it may be a bit of an initial investment for you as a homeowner, one of the best ways to increase the value of your home is through bathroom remodels and updates. According to, homeowners recoup 100 percent of their investment when they update their bathrooms. Amazingly, many of these updates can easily be done by DIYers. Here are 5 easy bathroom update DIYS to increase the value of your home.

1) Change up the lighting

Master bath in luxury home with dark wood cabinetry









If your bathroom is looking drab, consider looking to the lighting. The quickest and cheapest fix is as easy and simple as changing a light bulb. LED lights can add a more customized look to your bathroom, while incandescent light bulbs can soften the overall mood. If you are wanting to achieve a more dramatic change, consider adding light fixtures like chandeliers or hanging Edison bulbs.

2) Update the tile

Bright Bathroom In Grey With Candels









The difference between dated and fresh looking bathrooms usually lies within the choice of tile. If your walls are coated with boring white porcelain tile with dingy brown grout, it might be time to get creative. These days it’s easier than ever for DIYers to re-tile their spaces. Consider the popular appeal of the subway tile. These tiles are larger and wider than the average 2’’x 2’’ squares. This means that they cover more area, faster, and will add a level of urban sophistication to any passé tub or shower.

3) Modernize your sink

Impressive bathroom designed to suit modern woman's needs









Replacing a sink may seem like a daunting task to the average person, but with the right tools, it can actually be quite simple to install. First and foremost, it’s important that you pick a basin that you love. Recently, the unique bowl sink has increased in popularity. These basins start at around $100 for a basic one, but if you are willing to spend a little more, you can easily purchase one that looks like a work of art, with intricate designs and delicate engraving.

4) Get rid of that vanity

bathroom of the hotel rooms, with a shower and a few washbasins









If you are looking to truly modernize your space, it may be time to get rid of that bulky vanity. Bathrooms look best when space is optimized, so the more area you give yourself, the better. You can achieve a sleek look by ditching your vanity altogether, and replacing it with a simple mirror attached to the forward facing wall. Of course, this look is most desirable when the said wall is adorned with a new coat of paint or wallpaper. This accent wall and mirror will give your bathroom a clean, no-frills look that everyone will love.

5) Maximize your storage options

Bathroom design in creamy colors with brown wooden cabinet and small window.









A good way to add perceived space to an area is to add tucked-away storage. This is most important in smaller rooms, like bathrooms, where every square foot counts. If you’re finding that your products are taking up too much space in your cabinets, install additional shelves onto to your bathroom walls. Floating shelves are great options because they do not protrude far or add limitations to the existing space.

Sell Your Home For Cash Albuquerque, New Mexico

img0040Are you in a situation where you need to sell your home for cash in Albuquerque New Mexico? What should you do?

The first thing you should do is take a step back and analyze why you need to sell your house. Do any of these apply to you right now? Is it because of a Messy Divorce? Loss of Income or Job? Do you have health problems? Are you thinking of relocating or moving? Do you have a lot of financial responsibilities and you owe more than your property’s worth? Are you trying to avoid foreclosure?

img0061Have you heard about cash home buyers? Cash buyers are perfect for homeowners who are in this situation and can provide flexible solutions that most other buyers simply can’t.

But in order for you to get the best deal, be sure to find a reputable cash home buyer just like New Mexico House Buyers who have been in this business for over 11 years and have earned a good reputation in New Mexico.

img0002Check out the testimonials given by New Mexico House Buyers’ previous clients and learn how they were able to help many people by creating a solution that met their needs and helped them tremendously.

They have the experience to evaluate your position and can make an offer on your house quickly. They will handle your transaction professionally and help you “Sell Your Home For Cash Albuquerque New Mexico” today.

Selling Your Home Fast Rio Rancho, New Mexico

img0044Are you moving and need to sell your home? Or are you behind your mortgage payments and you are afraid of losing your home? Are you thinking of selling your home for financial reasons?

Selling Your Home Fast Rio Rancho New Mexico” can happen quickly with the help of a credible and reputable cash home buyer just like New Mexico House Buyers. Find out why more and more people sell their homes to New Mexico House Buyers with these testimonials:

img0026“We met Andy at the house after he made contact with us. We have been able to put together a very satisfying deal with Andy in a very short period of time. He made some commitments to us and he kept every one of them and has been very professional as we went through this process. I would certainly recommend Andy to anyone else that was interested in doing such.” Joe Bivins

img0032“We just talked together over the telephone, long distance and I think it was a week ago, and he said I think we could close by Monday and everything will be done, and I said let’s do it…I checked with my sisters, and they were all ok with the agreement. We showed up that day and closed by noon and we’re good to go! So everything was on the up and up. Everything was very ethical and legal and we were just happy to have it done that quickly. And we’re just excited!” Linda G.

So allow yourself the chance to quickly be done with the house. “Selling Your Home Fast Rio Rancho New Mexico” is possible with New Mexico House Buyers!

Selling Your Home Fast Albuquerque, New Mexico

AlbuquerqueMountainsIf you have been thinking of selling your house quickly, then you have probably been wondering if it is even possible in the current real estate market. Honestly, selling a home in as little as few days can be very challenging and many of you might find it almost impossible. But there are some things that you can do and there are people who can help you achieve it.

img0010Selling Your Home Fast Albuquerque New Mexico” is possible if you know what to do and who to deal with in the first place. There are very few highly skilled and great real estate agents out there. But when you try to seek their help, you still end up waiting months before finally closing the sale. And if you need quick cash, then they might not be the best route.

img0060If you are in this kind of situation, what are you going to do? If you’re looking for an easy way to sell your house with no hassles, no repairs, no commissions, and no waiting, then you’ve come to the right place.

New Mexico House Buyers had been helping home sellers who are looking to sell their homes real fast. Are you “Selling Your Home Fast in Albuquerque New”? Avoid any hassle and let New Mexico House Buyers help you today!

Sell Your House Quickly Rio Rancho, New Mexico

img0067Are you from Rio Rancho New Mexico and you are looking to sell your house quickly? If you are looking for the fastest way, then a real estate agent is not the best choice. Check out some ideas on how to “Sell Your House Quickly Rio Rancho New Mexico”.

If you really want to sell it fast, there are different ways to do it and one of them is to ask a reasonably affordable price. Home buyers always look for affordable and reasonably priced properties.

img0004Make sure to put a price that will attract more home buyers so that you can settle and have the closing as soon as possible. Price is always the biggest factor when you want to sell quickly.

Another option is to look for a Cash Home Buyer just like New Mexico House Buyers that can close quickly. They can buy your home as fast as you want them to close the deal. This is a good way to get immediate cash when you need it.

img0018If you’re searching for an easy way to sell your home without any hassles, no repairs, no commissions, and no waiting, then New Mexico House Buyers can solve your “Sell Your House Quickly Rio Rancho New Mexico” problem today. They are currently buying properties in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, New Mexico area.

Sell Your House Quickly Albuquerque, New Mexico

img0034Are you from Albuquerque New Mexico trying to find ways to sell your house quickly? There are many solutions that are available. However, it may seem overwhelming to find the best way to sell fast and to be able to get what you need.

img0005Some people who want to sell their houses quickly are not aware that there are many buyers out there that can help you “Sell Your House Quickly Albuquerque, New Mexico” right away. In fact there are many cash home buyers trying to look for homes that are for sale on a daily basis.

img0063House buyers that are reputable and can pay cash and close quickly can be hard to find. If you want to “Sell Your House Quickly Albuquerque, New Mexico”, then this might be the best time for us to tell you about New Mexico House Buyers. If you’re looking for an easy way to sell your house with no hassles, no repairs, no commissions, and no waiting, then this is the best time for you to contact them because they offer a fast closing, “as-is” sale, hassle-free transaction, no commission or interests fees. Simply said, if you want to be done with your home as quickly as possible, New Mexico House Buyers will surely help you

Sell Your Home For Cash Rio Rancho, New Mexico

img0014Do you have a headache thinking of how to “sell your home for fast in Rio Rancho New Mexico”? Is your realtor taking too long to sell your property? Do you want to learn how to sell your house quickly? You need to understand that selling a home doesn’t have to be that complicated and burdensome because there is a proven way to “Sell Your Home For Cash Rio Rancho New Mexico”.

img0035There are people asking “how can I sell my house fast?” If you are in a situation where you need to sell fast because of job loss, divorce, job transfer, nearing foreclosure, mortgage issues or for any other reason, there is an easy solution. New Mexico House Buyers can help you.

img0038If you’re looking for an easy way to sell your house with no hassles, no repairs, no commissions, and no waiting, then this is the best time for you to contact them because they offer a fast closing, “as-is” sale, hassle-free transaction, and no commissions or fees.

New Mexico House Buyers will surely help you “Sell Your Home For Cash Rio Rancho New Mexico” today.

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